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Textured Carpet
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Textured Carpet - Pros and Cons

Many people often wonder what the best textured carpet is? What makes it different than other styles of carpet flooring? Getting the right type of carpet installed is important and a textured carpet can be a good fit for many occasions.

Reasons for using textured carpets

  • Any indentation created by heavy objects is less noticeable.
  • Oftentimes they are treated for greater stain resistance.
  • They are easier to clean than some other types.
  • The variety of shades available work well with both modern and classic interior displays.
  • Mud, dirt, pet accidents, food, and drink spills are easier to wipe away.
  • Vacuum and foot marks are less noticeable.
  • They wear down less than other types.
  • Usually the materials used to make them are less expensive.
  • It remains in its original state for longer than shag or Saxony cloth flooring.
  • They would be less easily ruined by moisture or liquid.
  • Odor is less prevalent after strong a strong beverage spill.
  • Dirt, liquid, and debris soaks less deeply into the floor fabric.

Reasons for not using textured carpets:

  • If the carpet fabric is poorly–constructed, snagging can occur.
  • Certain chemicals and synthetic fabrics could cause allergies.
  • If the carpet is made from plastic materials, it could melt.
  • Untreated types are less fire resistant.

How Textured Carpet is Made

Textured carpeting is created by swirling individual yard strands into spirals. Then, it is pressed down using a heated steamer. It usually is most suitable to be installed in mid to high traffic areas, and it can be used either homes or offices. Many varieties can be combined with many of today's modern furniture displays.

Since heating processes are used to create textured carpeting, usually more synthetic materials will be used when creating it. For instance, polyurethane or some other form of nylon or plastic has often been used. Polyester also makes good textured carpets.

These types made with the synthetic yarn are generally the less expensive one. However, in some cases, these imitation materials may not last as long or be nearly as durable.