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Frieze Carpet
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What is Frieze Carpet?

A common question throughout the flooring industry is this: what is frieze carpet? Simply put, it is a style of carpet. Each carpet has a different design that impacts the way your rooms in your home will look and feel. Frieze carpet consists of tightly twisted strands of fiber, giving it a unique style of it's own. Due to the strands being twisted, this offers the carpeting a longer lasting durability. In a general opinion, frieze carpet is a wonderful type to have in your home. It has a unique look and also does not come with many drawbacks, which makes it more of a demanded carpet.

The Benefits Of Frieze Carpet

You may still be asking, "frieze carpet, what is it?". We will answer that question by showing you all of the benefits that frieze carpet can bring to your home.

  • The way that frieze is constructed provides a firm durability that allows it to withstand heavy traffic and pressure from furniture. If your home is an active place, frieze carpet is a great choice for you.
  • Frieze is now being considered quite the trendy carpet to have in a home. It has a look that is formal and fun at the same time. So if you have recently purchased a new house, you can stay on top of the fashion trend with frieze carpet.
  • The construction of the carpet provides a nice and warm natural insulation which provides more benefits in itself. It dampens sound so you do not have a loud echo throughout your home, and it has the possibility of lowering your utility bill by negating the cold floor effect in the winter.
  • No matter how hard you try to clean your house, there will be dirt that you will miss. Frieze provides a hand by hiding the leftovers. The thick fibers and the speckled colors prevent the dirt from being visible.

In basic terms, frieze is just a great type of carpeting that you can have installed in your home. And if you are considering getting frieze carpet installed, you want to find someone who is knowledgeable in carpeting. The Carpet Guys are the ones for the job. We are very familiar with frieze carpeting, and we are happy to pass that knowledge on to you. That way, if anyone comes up to you and asks "what is frieze carpet?", you can tell them exactly what it is. If you want a professional installation of your new frieze carpet, contact us via our website or by phone to set up a free in-home estimate. Do not hesitate. Call today!

Frieze Carpet - Pros and Cons

When buying a new carpet it can be hard to weigh up all the options. Every single type of carpet has it's own pros and cons associated with it. Some will be better than others in most situations, but what if your home isn't 'most situations'? What if a more obscure carpet would be better? For instance, frieze carpet is rather common, and used in houses all over the country if not world. But is it right for your home? Let's look over the facts and see if it is.


  • Frieze carpeting is by far one of the most popular styles of carpet being installed in today's households. Frieze consists of a large number of lightly twisted fibers on a sturdy backing. As such, unlike some other carpets, frieze carpeting tends to bounce back up rather than be crushed by feet, furniture and so forth. Some indents and footprints will appear, but they're far less common and far easier to remove than most plush or other types of carpet.
  • Frieze carpeting is soft, so that it feels good to walk on. Most frieze carpets are made of very durable and forgiving P.E.T fiber which is often made from recycled plastic bottles, also making it more stain resistant. Most better quality frieze carpets have a continual filament construction making it very shed resistant and durable for many years to come.
  • An informal look is how many describe frieze carpeting, which makes for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in your home. It also hides dirt and dust well, making vacuuming less necessary than with other carpet types.


  • Due to the way its fibers work, frieze carpeting simply isn't good at holding elaborate patterns. It can only hold color and simple patterns to it.
  • Though when it comes to people and lighter furniture frieze carpet springs right back, heavy furniture can permanently crush the twisted fibers, forever dulling them.
  • Though frieze carpeting can look good, it isn't very fancy. If you want to make your home look high profile, use frieze carpeting only in higher traffic areas where indents would do more harm than slightly cheap looking carpeting would.

Now that you know the pros and cons of frieze carpeting, think about your home and your own personal needs. Does frieze sound right for you, or do you think another carpet would fit better? Either way, always consider frieze as a possibility, especially for high traffic areas. Here at the Carpet Guys we have some of the best carpet prices around, inquire today about our free carpet estimates.