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Local Carpet Stores vs. Big Box Flooring Chains

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying new flooring is that national carpet chains offer the greatest deals. Countless times, people go to big box stores and believe they're truly getting the best bang for their buck.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

A locally owned carpet store is ten times better than any large chain you can visit. Now, we're not dogging on any stores or trying to give them a bad rap. But when it comes to buying new carpet and flooring, an independent carpet store is guaranteed to outdo any big chain company in three main ways:

  • Price
  • Work Quality
  • Selection

If you really want the best value for the floors you're investing in, these will be game changing factors you'll want to know.

Let's break it down.

Prices on Carpet and Flooring

When we talk about carpet prices, we aren't saying you'll get the "cheapest flooring price" available. Remember, renovating your floors is an investment. If you really want the best bang for your buck, settling for the cheapest flooring option out there isn't the way to do it.

Buying cheap stuff typically leads to cheap performance, especially in the flooring industry. Although prices might be a little higher with a local carpet dealer versus a store like Home Depot, the price usually has everything wrapped together including:

  • Carpet Padding
  • Installation
  • Special Warranties
  • Furniture Removal
  • Old Flooring Rip-up

The costs may look daunting in the beginning, but you'll thank yourself for investing your money in a quality carpet company and their products down the road.

Expert Carpet & Flooring Installation

One of the things that concerns a lot of homeowners is a subcontracted carpet installer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories about big box stores sending installers they don't know well, resulting in terrible craftsmanship and an unhappy customer.

Locally owned carpet stores, especially family owned companies, only send out installers that they know and work with. They trust their installers will handle the customer's project with the best care possible.

Remember, the flooring you have installed in your home will be there until you change it out again. Why would you want to work with a carpet installer that you, and sometimes the store that sends them, don't know anything about?

A local carpet installer is the way to go.

Varieties of Carpet & Flooring Options

When a huge store sells every hardware product under the sun and well as floors, their options of flooring can be quite limited.

A locally owned carpet retailer focuses solely on the floor, and the options of carpet and flooring tends to be massive.

While most big box chains carry only one brand of carpeting with limited styles, independent carpet retailers buy product from leading manufacturers in the flooring industry. You'll be looking at products that are high-quality brand name items from multiple top brands in the industry.

Call Your Local Carpet & Flooring Dealer!

If you want your floors to look great and last for a long while, find the best carpet installer near you and roll with them. If you live in the Metro Detroit area and are currently reading this article, you're in luck. We're the best carpet and flooring installation company near you!

Throughout the entire process of getting your new floors, you'll work with us every step of the way. We offer a wide variety of flooring options and provide a lifetime installation warranty with every project we handle.

In fact, you don't even have to drive to the store. We'll bring our showroom straight to your door over a free in-home estimate.

Take the stress out of buying new floors and call The Carpet Guys today.

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