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Free Carpet Estimates

Free carpet estimates are ideal for home owners and business owners who are searching for a new carpet company. If you are considering the idea of installing a new carpet in your home or office, then you should know that most carpet install companies offer free carpet estimates. By using a free carpet estimate, you will be able to check which carpets are best suited for your space along with home much carpeting you are going to be expected to purchase. Here is some information that you will want to know before you decide which carpet is right for you.

The first thing that you need to know about carpet estimates is that a good carpet company is going to come to you. They will bring along samples of the different types of carpeting along with what you can expect to see when you choose a specific color, type or texture of carpet. The samples of carpeting will be placed side by side with furniture in the home to compare colors to your walls, floors and furniture in the home or business. If you are worried that the new carpet will not coincide with your existing furniture or space, you will be able to tell right away rather than waiting until the carpet is installed and worry about making changes later to your space.

What you also need to know is, what are some of the types of carpeting you can select from? One of the types of carpeting that you might opt to purchase is the loop pile. This specific type of carpet is most commonly known as the Berber carpet. This carpet is ideal and specific for areas of the home that are high traffic such as a living room or dining room. If you want to purchase a carpet that is not as high traffic or that appears to look better then you want to shop for the cut pile type of carpet. This specific type of carpet is intended to be comfortable and have a high appeal appearance. This type of carpet is ideal for formal dining areas or living rooms versus the Berber carpet that is ideal for homes and businesses that receive a large amount of traffic or wear and tear.

If you would rather have a carpet that is comfortable and that has the durability of the loop pile then you will want to purchase the cut and loop pile. This specific type of carpet is considered to be a hybrid which is perfect for homes or businesses without the hassle of sacrificing appearance while maintaining durability.

The last option that you might like is the recycled polyester which is a eco friendly carpet which is perfect for homeowners who believe in recycling and reusing items such as bottle caps made from plastic or other ingredients.