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How Much Does Carpet Cost
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How Much Does Carpet Cost

Buying new carpet for your homes is a big decision. Old and worn carpets take away from the beauty of the home, plus hold in dust, stains and even mold. Don't be afraird to ask us how much does carpet really cost? Depending on the area to be covered, a new carpet can be a large purchase. To find out the true cost of carpet can be confusing to some. So you will need to determine a few things before heading to any carpet stores.

The Factors that Affects How much Carpeting Costs

Several factors determine cost. First is the area to be covered. Carpet is priced and sold by the square foot or square yard. Covering 600 square feet is less then covering 1000 square feet. The difference between $2.00 a square foot and $3.00 a square foot could be up to a $500 when you are covering a 500 square foot room. Carpeting an entire house will cost more than if you are just doing one room. Remember too that cheaper pricing goes hand-in-hand with the expected life of the carpet, so you will be replacing it sooner then if you invest in higher quality carpeting.

Also you need to consider the extra costs. You will need to install carpet padding, and this should also be of a higher quality. And then there is the cost of installation. Many companies will have a total price in the quote which will cover all, but some add on the price of installation, and often times you can find companies that offer a sale with free installation. The purchase of carpet for your home is an investment, so do your homework before you commit.